Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Do You Stop Looking?

So what makes a good photographer?

So many discussions have been had over the years, is it the kit, is it the eye, is it the ability to post edit well? For me you need a little of all the above, to a point but they are all useless if you decide to stop looking.

You have to train your eye to see things most do not look twice at and you can only do this by continuously look for what others just don't see. Most people look at were they are heading, its a way of staying safe so we look in the route we are travelling in, now and then we cast a glimpse around but back into the direction we head. Its like walking with blinkers on, so we can focus on the job in hand and get from A top B as safely and as quickly as we can. 

The only problem with that is what we fail to see, its the details of life that we overlook and by overlooking them we miss so many opportunities. You have to take off your blinkers and look around, even when you don't have your camera, divert your eyes from your course now and then, see what is there and if need be veer off course to look closer at something that catches your eye. 

How many times have you walked through a forest and missed the fine webs floating in the breeze that have been woven by spiders that use the wind to get around?

How many times have you walked to work but never noticed the patterns displayed by the cracks in the pavement under your feet?

How many times have you missed the reflection of life cast back in a puddle?

The best tool you can have to become a good photographer?

Its your curiosity, trust it, it will show you more than you will ever realise, go where it atkes you and see the details of life.

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So very true