Saturday, 19 October 2013

Being A Social Media Photographer

So, what the hell am I rambling on about now?

I have been going through a lot of changes of late, one is on how to take my photography to the next level but I'm not sure how to do that, one thing is I have been told time and time again I need to expand my online presence. But why do I have to expand it that much I can no longer control it.

I have in the past been a member of a lot of sites but in the end I had to pare them down as I simply could not keep track of everything going on. So I remain with the two big social sites were I upload my images and I find it easier to interact, it works for me but may not for everyone.

But whats wrong with being very active within the social media as a photographer?

Nothing, when Google+ came onto the scene just over two years ago it really upped the game, certainly were photographers were concerned. Their lightbox for images was not seen before on any other social media site and it attracted photographers en mass, me included. When G+ realised what they stumbled upon they geared themselves up for the artists of social media world.


Because we attract audiences, people want to see images, the web was designed for it in one way, whether it be for the users that wanted titillation through online porn or the more serious viewer that wanted to see art. Social media was and has been a great way of getting exposure for those of us that practice our art.

Since G+ arrived Facebook has had to up its game too but has a long way to go to beat the lightbox of G+, quality of uploads is still an issue with Facebook but its still a valuable tool in regards to social media so it cannot be written off, I remember when G+ first came out a lot of people thought it would be the death knell for Facebook buts its still going strong, goes to show there is a place for two big hitters as each delivers something different.

Do not write off social media, its a stronger tool than you realise, it has the potential to change not only your outlook but that of the people that see your work, use it to its full potential and it will reward you tenfold. Yes I still need a personal website and its being sorted as we speak but no personal web site is ever going to bring the exposure social media can, ignore it and you are losing out, big time.


Thanaa' Ra'ifah Maroun said...

Apart from huge fan followers in Facebook or any
Social media agency,Photographers and their images are seems to be carriers of facebook till now.

Praveen Shah said...

lovely mike ,,,u r great,,,

Noreen Kordis Potts said...

I like the way my artist friends and I just "grow" as time goes by...We know each other so well, that we are comfortable enough to speak the truth (as gentle as possible)straight bull..It has always kept us strong and close...even w/miles between us....I have yet to put any of my work out there for the social media...not yet...thinkin'about it for a while, though.. ~ Noreen

Peter Margetic said...

Mike I wouldn't stress, the work you post on Google + and when you get your web site running! people will come looking for your work rather than you trying to get it in front of people's eyes. You have done the hard part in establishing yourself through the quality and diversity of your work, keep using that eye through the lens, your post work and stick it up on one site site as google+ with a link to your site where you can have your blog, shop front etc and you will kick goals Creativity is an endless (sometimes very frustrating) effort in hitting the sweet spot in subject matter, quality and exposure, you are nailing them all, great stuff. Peter.

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Micheal Keller said...

Exactly. One of the reasons people look past its power and thus take it for granted is because of how accessible and available it is, that we treat it as a given. Yet technology can't be pegged so easily, mainly because it continually updates and develops. It would be wise to be there when social media reaches its next iteration, especially when it comes to marketing opportunities.