Monday, 7 October 2013

Patience Is A Virtue.

Or so they tell me, I am probably the most impatient person alive, I refuse to get on public transport unless I really have to as its just too slow.

One thing that has taught me about patience is photography, more so street photography, why?

Under normal circumstances you don't really need patience to take most street shots, you have to be quick thinking as most of it can pass you by before you know it. So once you are set up it can be a case of spotting something and firing off a succession of shots of the subject.

There are times though such as this image when you have to learn patience and slow everything down. I saw him walk up to where I was sat, I spied the pipe in his hands and watched where he was heading, fortunately he chose to sit on the same bench as me. Now I don't smoke but I know if you are carrying a pipe in your hand and you have just sat down there is a good chance you will smoke it.

I stood up and walked to a point where I was close enough to take some shots but far enough away so as not to influence anything he may do. I watched as he started to light his pipe and fired off some shots but I knew I could get better shots so I waited a little longer, he fired his pipe up again, something common with pipe smokers is that you have to keep relighting. I got down a little to get on his level then as he was puffing away I waited. There was going to be that one moment when everything fell into place. How did I know, simple gut feeling and from doing this so often before.

Then it happened, with one mighty blow he surrounded himself with smoke and click I got the shot I wanted. It did not matter what happened for the rest of the day I knew I had my shot.

By simply watching what was happening around me I saw him and saw an opportunity and then by taking my time and waiting for that right moment I feel I managed to capture one of the best street portraits I have taken in a long while.

Patience can really be a virtue at times.  


Unknown said...

I like what you did in Post.

D Ellis Phelps said...

And courage. It takes courage to wait.

Surely, there are the obvious moments in life when gratification is quite likely: a new sexual encounter; a savory meal; intellectual banter.

And unexpected pleasures can be delicious distractions : a roadside carnival; a call from an old friend; a favorite movie on prime time TV free of charge.

But this image conjures the stuff of great novels: times when the writer must listen to the character speaking in her head, times when she must follow this thin thread of dialogue one crumb at a time, sometimes for days. These are times when no technique nor pedantic demand will help.

The only hope for fruition: bravely show up at the keyboard; clear the mind; and wait.

Catherine Ann said...

Glorious and real capture. Thank you for sharing.