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Thursday, 3 October 2013

What Makes A Street Shot Stand Out?

Most people can wander out with a camera, there are nearly as many cameras in the world now as there are people with the upsurge of smart phones. So you can get a lot of people shooting street images.

With a lot of street images there becomes the issue of what makes one different?

Street life is ordinary, its people going about their business much like they do everyday and for the most part that is what you get to see.

What makes the difference is what you see that others don't, there are many fleeting moments that happen in front of you, as a photographer you have to capture those moments.

But they are fleeting, from the children playing to that man that passes you by, they happen so fast that you could so easily miss them. So you cannot take your eyes off what is going on around you, you have peripheral vision but so many fail to use it. 

It might as simple as someone walking past you but learn to turn around and look again, a whole new perspective may just open up in front of you and you have to be ready.

But where so many fail is not being set up, your camera needs to be in your hand, it needs to be set how you want to take the image, the most you need to alter is your exposure which is just a turn of a dial, so when you raise the camera to your eye its ready to fire, it only takes a nano second to try and make a big alteration and you have missed your shot.

Your eyes and senses are the most important piece of kit you carry around, what makes a street shot stand out?

You do.

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